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Available Products in Cal West Dental Lab


Cal West Dental Lab is a dental laboratory that utilizes the best materials and products for our clients in order to fully assist dentists and their patients.


Here are the products that we offer at our lab. If you have any questions, please call us today at (714) 484-9378.



All Ceramic Cad Crowns and Bridges
• Solid Bruxier Full Zirconia Crown and Bridge

• Porcelain Layer to Zirconia Crown and Bridge

• LAVA 3M ESPE Crown and Bridge

• Procera Crown and Bridge (by Noble Biocare)

• Esthetic E-Max Veneers

• E-Max Crown and Bridge

• E-Max Inlay and Onlay

• Sculpture Composite Inlay and Onlay


Porcelain with Metal

• PFM Non-Precious Crown

• PFM Nobel Metal (Semi-Precious)

• PFM High Nobel Metal White Gold

• PFM High Nobel Metal Yellow Gold

• PFM High Nobel Metal (Bio 2000 - 99.7% Yellow Gold)

• Full Yellow Gold Crown



• We provide any kind and all brands from Basic to UCLA to custom abutments.



• We provide clear orthodontic trays only. We do not offer wire trays.